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Green tea: A small bomb of virtues

If it is a medicinal plant in its own right well known to well-being experts, green tea also does wonders for our skin and is hidden in the formulations of some of our favorite treatments of the moment. Discovery of this major beauty ally who has more than one trick up her sleeve...

The king of detox

In addition to being delicious, green tea is full of very valuable benefits for the vitality of our body. This plant native to Asia adored by tea lovers also owes its notoriety to its high concentration of polyphenols which give it significant antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory powers.

Since its leaves are dried and not oxidized like those of its cousin black tea, it preserves all its nutritional richness and vigorously fights the harmful effects of free radicals, thus preventing many diseases.

Plus, studies suggest green tea also supports weight loss as it helps lower bad cholesterol and insulin sensitivities, as long as it's consumed daily and as much as possible (and not, rest assured, it will not prevent you from sleeping). For optimal effect, let your favorite small tea bag steep for at least ten minutes, covered, to extract as many nutrients as possible.

The key to a radiant complexion

If its concentration in polyphenols makes camellia sinensis a shocking health asset, it also allows it to act as an antioxidant shield for our skin, which is the first to suffer from the effects of oxidative stress and the sometimes catastrophic effects of free radicals, particles of pollution, tobacco and stress. Its ability to absorb pollutants also gives it a detoxifying action while its tannins give a second life to our skin tissue by strengthening its tone, thus simultaneously preserving the elasticity and radiance of our skin. In addition, its antioxidant molecules promote good cell oxygenation and stimulate cell renewal. To deeply unclog your skin without irritating it, indulge in the ultra-gourmet scents and addictive texture of Odacité Green Ceremony Detoxifying Cleanser . At the end of the routine and for maximum radiance, apply a few drops of the Gt-l elixir, also from Odacité, which will instantly boost tired little faces. To revive the dullest complexions from the inside, we also do a one-month course of Éclat Ma Thérapie supplements.

The benevolent friend of oily skin

Rich in slightly astringent tannins, green tea has special affinities with oily skin since it purifies the skin texture, refines it and prevents irritation.

In the same way that it absorbs environmental toxins, it acts as a blotting paper on the skin and is also responsible for regulating sebum production over the long term. Its antibacterial properties should also delight blemished and acne-prone skin since it prevents new annoying appearances and accelerates the healing process. When nothing is going well, we wipe the slate clean with the Nüssa Exfoliating Powder which calms imperfections and expedites their disappearance.