Beauté IN & OUT 

We're going green for the after-party!

After the excesses of the festivities, make way for lightness to start the new year in style. Our body only needs a little cleaning to regain optimal vitality. Purifying dietary supplements are there to help us recharge internally. Externally, peels and vitamin C are brought out to illuminate our tired faces with a new radiance. Focus on our favorite in & out treatments to get us green this January.

#IN: sus toxins!

After heavy meals, our emunctories may need a boost to continue functioning normally. Artichoke, birch, fennel... Our favorite brands have you covered.

Want an all-terrain food supplement to do you good? We offer it in all forms. All you have to do is choose the one you prefer. 😊

Do you prefer capsules? Opt for the Detox food supplement from Elementary . It consists of artichoke, zinc and a boost of probiotics.

Do you prefer powders? You will love La Détox de Hygée . This adaptogenic powder is simply mixed into your hot drinks, smoothies or yogurts.

Do you prefer liquids? Try Aime's Body Elixir , made with green tea, rosemary and birch. Dilute a cap in a gourd and consume this mixture throughout the day.


Body Elixir

Nubio workshop

We want a flat Naiad belly

#SOS: belly in distress!

It can happen that overeating generates bloating and other digestive discomfort. To accelerate the return to normal, do not hesitate to integrate a targeted supplement into your routine.

Your belly is more swollen than usual? The bulbs We want a flat stomach of naiad are precisely there to optimize your digestive comfort. They consist in particular of extracts of peppermint and sweet fennel to support your intestinal well-being.

To go further, you can also combine them with We want a detox booster capsules. The combination of these two food supplements from Atelier Nubio supports the liver in its natural functions. The brand recommends a program of at least 1 month and up to 3 months for a lasting improvement.

#SKIN: let there be light!

A more polluted body is often synonymous with a dull complexion. No need to upset your whole skincare routine if it suits you. Just throw in some glow boosters.

Regularly exfoliating your skin is a key gesture to awaken its radiance. To put it simply, you can, for example, use Oryza Lab Perfecting Peeling every evening, just after cleansing. A few drops on a cotton ball passed over the skin help to even out the complexion over the days.

Do you have sensitive skin? Gain radiance without sacrificing skin comfort with Nuori's Gentle glow tonic . Its gentle formula enriched with moisturizing and purifying active ingredients reveals the skin's natural glow while minimizing the risk of irritation. It is used in the evening, before your cream or serum.

Finally, enrich your day cream with Odacité's Gt + L serum . The content of this small vial is so concentrated that 2 drops are enough to boost your daily dab of cream. Its lemongrass and green tea combo is thought to revitalize the appearance of tired skin.


Gentle Glow Tonic


Brush & Glow

#MASSAGE: heading for clever accessories!

Whether it's the body or the face, mechanical stimulation has many advantages in the post-holiday period. Help yourself with well-thought-out accessories to adopt the right gestures.

If you haven't tried Chinese massage yet, now is the time! The green aventurine Gua sha from Odacité is perfect to get you started at the start of the year. Used over an oily serum, it allows you to pleasantly stimulate your face and sculpt its oval.

On the body side, dry brushing is more relevant than ever. Achieve it in the rules of the art using the Aime body brush . Its nylon and boar fibers help loosen dead cells and smooth blood and lymphatic circulation. The feeling of boost is immediate.

#IMPERFECTIONS: comedones out!

Christmas chocolates also tend to leave little gifts on our skin. It is usually in January that the first imperfections point the tip of their nose...

The cold is already putting our skin to the test. To avoid mistreating it more than necessary, we adopt local anti-blemish treatments, such as Nuori's Clarity spot treatment. It is applied directly to an imperfection to promote its disappearance and prevent subsequent undesirables.

This is also the perfect time to start a Clear Skin Cure with Absolution . These are small ampoules to be applied to the skin like a serum, morning and evening. Its purifying and soothing formula helps improve the appearance of combination to oily skin in just 15 days.


Clarity Spot


Powder Foundation care SPF

#MAKE-UP: window dressing, but not only!

Dark circles, blemishes, lack of radiance… A bit of well-chosen makeup instantly wakes up fallow skin. And we can even go much further thanks to make-up care!

The nights that are too short at the end of the year have a tendency to lead the eye. With a few strokes of Ilia Beauty concealer , it will no longer appear! Its fluid formula combines medium coverage with a very natural bare skin finish. In addition, it is enriched with vitamin C to prevent accelerated aging.

And for a radiant face with or without make-up, we urgently adopt the new Aime: the SPF care powder foundation . It deposits a delicately pigmented perfecting veil on the skin and infuses it with prebiotics to strengthen its natural barrier. Comfort, suppleness, radiance: it's all there.