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Clear skin: instructions for use

Our skin faces more attacks than ever. Between a diet that is not always ideal, pollution, a sometimes frantic pace of life and our body and its many cycles that pay the consequences, our skin finds itself dotted with small imperfections that we no longer know what to do with. So how do you find clear skin and preserve it as well as possible despite the vagaries of our routine? Follow the guide !

We make double-cleansing our priority

Nothing new under the sun, and yet, the evening double-cleansing step remains the most essential for combination to oily and acne-prone skin.

In the vast majority of cases (with the exception of people who do not wear make-up and do not occasionally wear sunscreen...) a single cleaning only removes part of the make-up, particles of pollution and protection sunscreen which clutters the epidermis at the end of the day and is not enough to cleanse it properly speaking.

Result ? This excess residue sooner or later results in blackheads and small pimples, while forming a barrier with the other treatments that make up our routine and which often cannot be assimilated correctly.

To avoid compromising your skin barrier with foaming and overly drying cleansers, always opt for an oil like Holi(Cleanse) Agent Nateur or an oil balm as a first cleanser (these are also the most effective!), then opt for , if desired, for a milk, cream or gel in the second phase, our favorite Amazon After Dark Lilfox balm

lil fox

Amazon After Dark

On The Wild Side

Replenishing Exfoliating Mask

Exfoliate in moderation

The great popularity of exfoliants of all kinds at the moment means that, very often, we are tempted to have our hands a little heavy on our exfoliating potions.

Exfoliation helps to rid our epidermis of an accumulation of dead cells, which sometimes clog our pores and create imperfections, but also to gradually smooth our skin texture by reducing all the small variations in texture that occur naturally with skin. age and our little "accidents" (repeat after us: you don't touch your pimples! The resulting scar will be much worse).

Chemical and enzymatic exfoliants also reduce the appearance of pigment spots and bring a lot of radiance to the complexion.

No wonder it's tempting to treat yourself to a little pampering every night! Except that even very tolerant skin can quickly become sensitized with too regular use of scrubs, which despite their many benefits, remain a threat to our skin barrier and a potential source of inflammation and irritation.

To do well, we stick to an exfoliating treatment no more than two to three times a week, and we favor enzymatic treatments based on fruit acids if we have a little sensitive tendency rather than a scrub. physical.

Our absolute favorite remains the unbeatable Alpha Beta Naturallogic Resurfacing Mask which smells divinely good in autumn and pumpkin pie and which is suitable for everyone thanks to its gentle but effective formula.

If one is tempted to include a physical exfoliant from time to time, one opts for the very clever formulation On The Wild Side which, with its Exfoliating Mask , has taken up the challenge of bringing together the best of both worlds in a half-melting scrub. enzymatic, semi-physical gentle enough for most skin types.

Those most accustomed to peels looking for an insane glow will turn to the Susanne Kaufmann Glow Mask , which keeps all its promises and more (no sensitive skin!).

The best anti-pimple allies

When, despite all our efforts, little pimples show up, we supplement our routine with a few products specially formulated to help these lesions heal as quickly as possible, and if possible without leaving a trace behind.

Speaking of leaving no trace, if our skin marks particularly easily, we arm ourselves with the precious Clarity Spot Treatment Nuori whose formula based on AHAs acids and niacinamide precisely prevents the appearance of scars.

We apply this gel locally only, directly on the pimple and preferably in the evening and presto, voila!

For a non-localized treatment gentle enough to be used daily (although only once a day), opt for On The Wild Side Purifying Lotion which purifies the epidermis without compromising its precious hydro-lipid barrier.

Finally, to kill two birds with one stone, we use a hybrid treatment such as the innovative No Breakout Oil ID Swiss Botanicals which can be used in skin care as well as in sublingual treatment and which targets rashes and other imperfections to rebalance the skin. mixed and disturbed. A stunning holistic treatment that addresses internal and cutaneous inflammation in a single product!


Clarity Spot