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Spotlight on intimate well-being: treatments and toys to treat yourself to for unconditional pleasure

Taking care of yourself through a holistic approach also means taking care of your intimate well-being. The democratization of a liberated but conscious pleasure, whatever one's personal situation, preferences or morphology, is more important than ever. The beautiful, innovative and committed brands that have joined our large family are proof of this. Here's a selection of our favorite treatments and items to explore what's right for us.

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Democratizing female pleasure with Dame Products

This American label founded by an engineer and a sexologist is determined to banish the disparity between male and female pleasure with innovative design and aesthetically irresistible toys that offer you to discover new facets of your intimacy – alone or in pairs.

Designed by women, for women Dame has perfected all the little details of these treasures that can be taken everywhere - or almost - and whose tender and playful approach will leave no one unmoved.

Lady Product


Nubio workshop

We want a harmonious cycle

Live your cycle more consciously

What if we took charge of our privacy by reconnecting with nature (and our nature)?

Like those women who, centuries before us, already relied on the resources of nature to harmonize their cycles, we can continue to cultivate our well-being through plants.

To reconnect with this philosophy, there are the bulbs We want a harmonious cycle from Atelier Nubio.

They are formulated exclusively with organic plants that help improve physical and mental comfort during menstruation (chasteberry, sage, St. John's wort). This botanical elixir acts on all the areas of predilection of the famous PMS (premenstrual syndrome): pain, imperfections, mood swings or blues.

One phial per day for about 10 days is enough to regain a feeling of balance and well-being.

CBD to the rescue of small discomforts

Whether you regularly suffer from pain during intercourse, whether you simply need a little help or want to explore new sensations, you can adopt My Lubie CBD Intimate Oil without hesitation.

This organic vegetable oil acts as a lubricant, a stimulant of the erogenous zones and a preventive treatment against pain related to menstruation or intercourse.

Its complex of sweet almond, plum, sunflower and apricot allows it to effectively target vaginal and skin dryness, while a concentrated CBD extract increases sensitivity and pleasure while soothing irritation in combination with an extract. of soothing arnica. He never leaves our bedside table!

My Lubie

CBD Intimate Oil
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