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SOS hair: how to pamper your lengths after the summer?

Summer has hit: your hair is dry, dull and tangled like never before. It's high time to perk them up! In an emergency situation, we deploy heavy artillery: extremely rich care, ultra comforting, armored with generous active ingredients. Masks, oils, food supplements… Here are the essentials that will transform your damaged mane into a river of softness.

#EVENING: I repair my hair thoroughly

Like your skin, your hair is entitled to its nightly routine. Take advantage of the tranquility of the night to leave on maxi-concentrated treatments that will act while you sleep. Protect your pillowcase if necessary, wash your hair when you wake up and... admire the result! ❤️

Are your lengths at their end? Bet on vegetable oils and butters to strengthen the hair fiber. Apply a nice dab of Cut by Fred repairing balm to your lengths, then braid your hair and go to bed. Your hair will “drink” the treatment overnight.

The rest of the program? In the morning, a good shampoo to remove balm residue. You can also take the opportunity to leave the Hydrating Mask on for 10 minutes (with the sweet smell of almonds, yum). Your hair will be silkier and shinier.

And there you have it: more beautiful, softer, more sheathed hair! Repeat this routine once a week to see long-lasting effects.

Cut By Fred

Overnight Repair Balm


Control Cream

#MORNING: I protect my lengths

During the day, the main objective is to protect your damaged lengths from other external aggressions. And for this, oil complexes are ideal. Rich in lipids, they mimic the reconstitution of the hair fiber and instantly make it shinier and more disciplined.

Who said an oil left hair greasy? Cut by Fred's Vegan serum has a "silicone-like" feel, but without the silicones! Enriched with argan and Abyssinian oils, it revitalizes the lengths with incredible lightness. And this scent of tropical flowers… a delight.

If you have curly hair, bet on Rahua's Control cream styling cream . It protects curls from dehydration (often drier than straight hair) and gives them maximum definition. Its star ingredient: ungurahua oil, an exceptional source of omega-9.

In the same category, we find the Vegan curl cream : a light emulsion that contains humectants and fatty acids that work together to preserve the hydration at the heart of the hair. No sticky or cardboard effect: just shine and pep!

#DAILY: I take supplements

What does damaged hair need? Vitamins, especially of group B, but also sulfur amino acids, trace elements, minerals and many other things. So, to complete your diet, head for our magic capsules, our fresh bulbs and our favorite gummies!

Everyone knows that mermaids have dreamy hair despite salt water. But what is their secret? Go figure, maybe the One wants a mermaid hair bulb from Atelier Nubio . 😉 A concentrate of organic plant extracts (juniper, horsetail) that acts as a hair vitality cure!

For those who want to kill two birds with one stone, there is the essential Combeau skin essential. Dosed with 100% active ingredients and without any additives, it acts on all levels to improve the appearance of the skin AND the hair. It's not for nothing that its formula required years of R&D.

Notice to gourmets: Atelier Nubio has also developed the first 100% clean and natural gummies with superfoods and a good taste of fruit. We want the secret of the nymphs contains nettle and brewer's yeast, two ingredients that have been widely proven on hair in PLS.

Nubio workshop

We want the secret of the nymphs


Leave-in treatment

#STYLING: I'm taking it easy

On dry hair, brushing is the final straw. To limit the breakage (in every sense of the word), we can only strongly advise you to take your styling routine to the next level. The solution: protect your hair before, during and after.

Above all, preserve your lengths with a brush that truly respects their delicacy. This is the case of the Revitalizing hair brush by Nuori , a marvel made by hand with durable materials. Its natural bristles glide with unparalleled softness over your lengths.

Do you style your hair very simply? Spray some Rahua Hydration detangler + UV barrier before and after brushing. Its leave-in formula moisturizes the hair while lightness and facilitates detangling. It thus preserves the suppleness and natural shine of the hair.

Do you use heating devices? Apply a dab of protective cream to protect them from heat-induced damage. Your saviors: the classic Leave-in treatment for thick hair and the light Leave-in treatment for fine hair .