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Everything to protect you from the sun and tan well

Did you know that the sun is the 1st responsible for the premature aging of your skin? This is called photoaging. It thickens your skin and therefore causes deeper wrinkles than physiological aging. This phenomenon concerns absolutely all skin types and all skin tones. To limit the breakage, here are 5 good reflexes to include without delay in your daily life. P.S. Rest assured, none of them will prevent you from sporting a nice tanned complexion!

#1 Your sunscreen, always, you will cherish

But is it necessary to recall it? Sunscreen is THE essential product in your beauty routine during the summer. It acts as a shield that protects your beautiful skin from the sun's rays. Our advice: choose mineral filters, which are much less controversial than chemical filters. And if you think they'll leave you with nasty white marks, prepare to be surprised. 😉

The team's choice for the whole family: Solara Suncare's Clean Freak SPF 30. This next-generation body sunscreen does more than just protect your skin from UV. It is a real vitamin bomb, enriched with an exclusive plant complex, which supports the repair process of skin cells. Without perfume and without essential oils, it knows how to be discreet.

And for those who dream of an assumed summer glow, choose the Glow Getter SPF 30. The same multi-protective and nourishing formula based on zinc oxide, but with tiny glitter and illuminating active ingredients that sublimate the skin on a daily basis. In a few gestures, your skin is radiant, protected from ultraviolet rays, blue light, pollution... and beautifully scented!

On the face side, if you are looking for an invisible finish, opt for Nuori's Mineral Defense SPF30 cream and its melting texture with lightning penetration. For a more sophisticated result, fall for Odacité's SPF50 tinted sunscreen, a revolutionary combination of care, protection and make-up.

#2 An after-sun care, you will apply

What is an after-sun product used for? To calm the sensation of heating of the skin after exposure, but also (of course!) to hydrate it. Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis is essential to maintain soft, healthy-looking skin. If you don't have after-sun milk on hand, take your favorite cream. The only imperative: choose a fluid and light emulsion.

The product that will be unanimous in your home? Susanne Kaufmann's body lotion. Its extra fresh hypoallergenic formula is infused with mushroom extracts to strengthen your skin against external aggressions. Without perfume, it can be used in children from 3 months.

For your pretty face, support the essential functions of your skin with the Only by night solid lotion from Savon Stories. Its antioxidant and restorative properties provide the skin with what it needs to regain comfort and soothing upon waking. Bar serenity for your senses!

Bonus: before a period of exposure, remember to increase the pace of your scrubs. By regularly eliminating your dead cells, you put all the chances on your side to obtain an even tan. Our favorite of the season? Evolve Tropical Blossom Body Scrub , made with organic sugar crystals and beneficial Monoi de Tahiti.

#3 Your food supplements, you won't forget

To take care of your tan in summer, think in & out! Treat yourself to a little cure of food supplements, ideally a month before basking on your beach towel. Continue it for the duration of the exposure and 3 to 4 weeks after the return to calm. Your goal: get a luminous tan while arming your skin against accelerated aging.

To display a pretty tanned complexion: We want a sublime tan from Atelier Nubio. You can also use it in synergy with We want pretty cheekbones from the same brand. The latter notably contains an innovative complex of wheat ceramides (Lipowheat™) and borage oil. Take 2 capsules of the tanning supplement and 1 to 3 capsules of the cheekbones supplement each day.

At breakfast, aim for antioxidants. Aime's Matcha glow contains dehydrated aloe vera, organic matcha green tea and marine collagen. Simply mix a dose of powder (one stick or 11.7 g) with 250 mL of your favorite vegetable milk. Taste! Do not hesitate to treat yourself by frothing a little almond milk on top, to sprinkle with matcha for decoration.

#4 Good-looking skincare, you will favor

Self-tanning is tempting… but it's not the only solution to enhance your complexion with a sun-kissed effect! Think of healthy glow skincare: they do not contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), but active ingredients rich in beta-carotenes which temporarily tint the skin while providing additional benefits. The safest way to tan is still not to expose yourself too much!

In summer as in winter, fill up with radiance with La Canopée Concentrated Sun Serum. Its delicately caramelized color comes from buah merah, a little-known fruit that is nevertheless the richest in antioxidants! A few drops mixed with your day cream or applied directly to your face, and you get a sun-kissed complexion without forcing yourself.

You can also "cheat" by making a pretty sunkissed effect makeup. To do this, use Ilia Beauty's NightLite bronzer. This powder has the advantage of being matte, so it offers a very natural look on the skin. Sweep the areas where the sun naturally hits using a large powder brush: the bridge of the nose, the top of the cheekbones, the hairline. And There you go !

#5 Your mermaid mane will protect you

Your hair can also suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun. It is also following the excesses of the holidays that they become so dry and dull for the start of the school year. To protect them, bet once again on antioxidants to limit the damage caused by free radicals. Also adopt an anti-UV protective spray (not to be confused with a heat protector!)

Dry and porous hair? Rahua's Moisturizing + UV Protection Detangling Spray is for you! It contains morete oil, which acts as a natural photoprotective active ingredient for the hair fiber. Its light and delicately pink cream texture coats the hair with hydration and facilitates detangling. We fell in love with its scent of tropical fruits that smells of summer...

Do you prefer oily textures? Treat yourself to a few squeezes of Cut by Fred's Summer protect spray before going for a tan. It forms a shield on the surface of the hair to preserve its softness against the harmful effects of chlorine, sea salt and ultraviolet rays. Use daily during your vacation or before a trip to the beach to keep your mane generously nourished.

Bonus: if you feel that your hair has really suffered from its day in the sun, wash your hair, then leave a dab of Innersense Hydrating hair mask on for at least 10 minutes. It is the ideal ally to revitalize the appearance of your lengths in extreme conditions.

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