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Three masks, three atmospheres: the care to adopt this winter

In winter, masking rhymes with cocooning. More than ever, your skin needs to be soothed, hydrated and protected to stay radiant. Comforting texture, dreamy natural active ingredients, scents that invite you to escape… Here is our selection of essential masks to face winter in style, whatever your skin type and your concerns.

#winter essential: the champions of dry and dehydrated skin

Hydration is THE essential gesture of winter. Yes, even if you don't have particularly dehydrated skin. The go-to for all skin types in this area: the mask with hyaluronic acid.

This winter, make sure you always have a tube of Absolution Anti-Thirst Mask on hand. It's been proven: it improves skin hydration levels by 111%. Its clever cocktail of organic and natural active ingredients is enriched with soothing lapis lazuli powder to prevent minor discomfort. It leaves the skin plump, smoothes fine lines and brings a nice bounce to parchment skin.

In a slightly more cocooning register, it is impossible to ignore one of Susanne Kaufmann's bestsellers: the Moisturizing mask . It is especially suitable for you if you have dry and dull skin. Its creamy whipped cream texture infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant alpine active ingredients. The trick: use it also as an anti-crocodile night cream.

Pssst: to retain maximum hydration in the upper layers of the epidermis, don't forget to follow up with a moisturizer. Our pick of the season: ID Swiss Botanicals Hydrating Glow Cream . You will love its incredibly light and surprisingly effective texture! Even sensitive skin can use it as a daily moisturizer.


Anti-Thirst Mask


The Detoxifying Purity Mask

#winter comfort: comforters that soothe skin discomfort

With the cold come tightness, tingling and sometimes even irritation. To regain comfort and softness in the blink of an eye, bet on rich, soothing and rebalancing masks.

Have you ever tried cannabidiol (CBD) on your skin? This is precisely the star ingredient of the ID Swiss Botanicals Relaxing Mask . It is more precisely the "CBD beauty" complex, which allows a better distribution and preservation of the active ingredients. A protective compound par excellence, it supports the physiological functions of the skin and helps it regain its natural balance. It is the ideal mask to revitalize all skin types. Its +: its organic cotton fabric format!

In case of dry and rough skin, the Happy Officine team recommends the Comforting Rich Mask from the French brand Absolution. Formulated as a real "comfort food" for the skin, it strengthens the skin barrier in 15 minutes flat and prevents the visible signs of stress thanks to a magnesium boost. Your skin will feel like at the spa, even after application...

Do you have skin prone to redness and blemishes? Still at Absolution, head instead to the Detoxifying Purity Mask . Its mixture of spirulina, myrtle, maté and liquorice will help you get through the winter with clearer, even and comfortable skin. In addition, its pretty apple green color in a "green smoothie" style will bring a touch of joy to the sad winter days.

#winter radiance: the aces of anti-aging

Wrinkles, marked fine lines, dull complexion, signs of fatigue... Here are two "magic wand" masks that will sublimate your skin in a few minutes. The must to draw before a party or a date.

Does your complexion tend to look gray during the cold season? Apply a thick layer of Agent Nateur's Holi(bright) and leave it on for 15 minutes (or even longer) before rinsing. Its cocktail of lactic acid, silk peptides and dragon fruit extract refines skin texture and boosts radiance. Your winter-enhancing boost treatment!

And if you need an express makeover, opt for the Rolls of anti-aging masks: Susanne Kaufmann's Lifting mask line A. This luxurious nectar based on ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), AHA, amino acids and argan oil tightens features and firms the appearance of mature skin. In just 10 minutes, skin looks younger, refreshed.

Want a mask that you can apply every day for a shock treatment? The Absolution Plumping Velvet Mask is for you. Pull it out whenever you feel like it to plump up your skin damaged by the cold. Ultra complete, it helps smooth the surface of withered and wrinkled skin while boosting collagen synthesis. Use it also as an intense night mask!

National Agent

Holi (Bright)