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5 solutions to fill up on vitality during the winter

It's cold, it's dark, it's humid. It's a time when our immune system and our morale tend to end up in our socks! If there is no miracle solution, food supplements can at least help us through this period more serenely. Here are some seasonal must-haves to boost our bodies and limit damage.

#1 In winter, I pamper my immune system

The cold puts a strain on our body's defences. They can therefore allow undesirable agents to pass through more easily. Come on, it's time to give them back the hair of the beast!

Choose Elementary's Immunity food supplement. It contains active ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, vitamin B12, but also probiotics. Two capsules a day with breakfast for at least a month: it's as simple as that.




The protector

#2 I adopt energy-boosting food supplements

A little drop in tone? It's a great classic of the season! Remember to help yourself with targeted food supplements to get back on track more quickly.

Because immunity and vitality are often linked, Inners has developed the aptly named Protective

. It contains microbiotic strains, chicory, ashwagandha and vitamins (B6, B2, A, D3). Made in France, it is also vegan, gluten-free and subtly vanilla.

Have you thought about trying Energia? It is an energizing tonic based on a quartet of adaptogens developed by Anima Mundi. Its particularity: it comes in liquid form. You can consume it directly under the tongue or mix it with a glass of water.

#3 I struggle with difficult awakenings

The drop in brightness can complicate the recovery phase. In the dark, the morning cortisol peak is slow to appear. Fortunately, we can always count on plants to boost us.

We want to be on the attack from the morning of Atelier Nubio is aptly named. These are capsules enriched with maca, guarana, ginger and acerola. They are particularly aimed at people who have trouble getting up in the morning or who feel constantly tired.

Do you like coconut flavor? You will love the Inners Alarm Clock . This powder consists of maca, acai and lucuma, known for their energizing or antioxidant properties. Put a teaspoon in yogurt or water to fight against the feeling of morning fatigue.

Nubio workshop

We want to be on the attack in the morning


Omega Glow

#4 I keep going green

In our previous article, we helped you go green after the holidays . Don't give up now! We rely on lightness so as not to overwork our tested bodies.

Speaking of green, do you make yourself a salad for dinner? Season it with Aime's Omega glow. This oil consists of vegetable oils naturally rich in omega-3 and omega-6. It brings a sweet nutty flavor to your raw vegetables while nourishing your skin from the inside.