Self-love above all: Our most beautiful treasures to offer for this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air ! Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it, the anticipation of a day dedicated to lovers of all kinds. This year, there is no question of being demoralized if we are not particularly friends with Cupid, or if we do not share our life with a partner. Here is a selection that will inspire, we hope, as many romantic gestures towards those we love as towards ourselves. There is, after all, no love more precious than the one we have for ourselves. Follow the guide !

Celebrate self-love

What if we chose for once to celebrate the most precious relationship we have, the one from which all our other wonderful stories stem?

You should never run out of good reasons to give yourself a gift, but as long as you do, you might as well reconcile with Valentine's Day if it's a day you dread and make it a day under the sign of tenderness and recognition.

If you want to pull out all the stops, treat yourself to Agent Nateur's new kid on the block, the incredible Holi(Bright) mask that gives us dream skin with a formula that's as gentle as it is effective.

If we don't feel on our plate, and this over-publicized period weighs heavily on our morale, we adopt L'Equilibre Hygée to gradually regain our balance and feel better about ourselves than ever!

Finally, if the idea of ​​a self-care evening at home tempts us, we treat ourselves to the Kit Vernis Semi Permanent Manucurist to get a manicure worthy of institutes with irreproachable formulas.


24W Green Flash Kit

RMS Beauty

Luminizer Cream Highlighter

for her

Make no mistake, it's always the intention that counts above all!

But even if it means pleasing the women in our lives, we might as well carefully choose the prettiest treasures according to their preferences.

Skincare enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the marvelous Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel exfoliating treatment, or the rehydrating Holi(water) Agent Nateur treatment essence.

Makeup lovers, for their part, should fall for the new Smoky Absolution pencils (the Olive and Chocolate shades are the most universally flattering, if we hesitate!), but also the unbeatable Limitless Mascara Ilia that we associate with Luminizer Crème RMS for express make-up that sublimates our features.

For house goddesses who love to feel at home and who take great care to beautify their environment, we opt for the pretty Kerzon candles, such as the delicious Faubourg Saint-Antoine perfume with woody notes perfect for this season.

For him

We too often underestimate the interest, desires and needs of these gentlemen in matters relating to beauty.

Care specifically designed for men is not always necessary, since many formulations are actually unisex, but specific ranges can sometimes avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of smells (often too floral and powdery) and textures (better opt for finishes that minimize shine!).

Two favorites that often make people happy are the On The Wild Side Moisturizing Cream and the M Susanne Kaufmann After Shave Balm for ultra-hydrating but non-greasy treatments, which take the greatest care of skin with or without a beard.

On the cleaning side, it's hard to do better than the delicious Cupu Cool Lilfox balm which gently cleanses without stripping and whose refreshing effect is so pleasant when you wake up. If you prefer to opt for a pretty object, the Green + The Gent Razor is a safe bet, thanks to its blades which ensure a safe and thorough shave.

On The Wild Side

Day cream


Eva II

Intimate well-being without compromise

To explore new facets of intimacy for two, we adopt Eva II Dame which is the prettiest of the little vibrators and the perfect co-pilot for privileged moments whose innovative design has been imagined especially for use by two, but which can of course be used alone, too.

If you need a little help and pain sometimes occurs during intercourse, we favor lubricants with natural, non-irritating formulations that keep their promises, such as Ma Lubie Intimate Oil , a treatment with CBD base that nourishes and lubricates to multiply the pleasures.