Favorite: Green Ceremony Cleanser Odacité

While some love spending hours in the haven of peace that is their bathroom, others find it much more difficult to tear themselves away from the arms of their cozy bed early in the morning, or from their sofa before bedtime, to go and do their usual little routine. The secret ? Finding gourmet products in textures and fragrances that give us plenty to rejoice in these little privileged moments every day. Our favorite of the moment? A detoxifying multi-tasking cleanser by Odacité.

Of all the beauty rituals that we admire and warmly recommend, double-cleansing is undoubtedly the most laborious of them and as such, the most difficult to defend with the most impatient among us.

A double-cleanse in the evening is the best way to avoid imperfections, to rid our epidermis of the traces of pollution that we encounter every day, and also to allow the rest of our care to be able to do their job properly.

Only here, not everyone always has the time, or perhaps even more crucially the desire , to keep their noble vow of daily double-cleansing.

If the idea of ​​a long, languid facial massage doesn't appeal to you more than that, then all we have to do is pique your curiosity (and ours, occasionally – nobody's perfect ;)) with a incomparable and infinitely renewable sensory experience. The current hero? The Green Ceremony Cleanser Odacité , whose malignant formula based on matcha and spirulina, gives a real boost to our skin as well as our morale and our senses in a few quick minutes.

This little green powder transforms as if by magic on contact with water into a creamy foam that you can massage over your entire face and neck.

A powerful cocktail of purifying and antioxidant active ingredients dislodges all the toxins that accumulate daily in our pores while optimizing our cells' natural defenses against free radicals, all without ever compromising our precious skin barrier.

This refreshing cleanser goes particularly well with acne-prone, combination to oily skin as well as the skin of these gentlemen, and would be perfect as the second phase of double-cleansing after the thorough passage of your favorite oil.

To get even more benefits, we love to apply it in a thick layer before going in the shower or in the bath and let it work its magic in synergy with the steam for as long as possible, like a mask.