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Smells that make you happy

" Happiness is like a perfume. We wear it on ourselves to let others breathe. Malek Bensafia

I don't know about you, but this year, I'm spending a lot of time on social networks traveling in pictures. Go find out why ;-). I take the opportunity to visit ultra exotic places where I will certainly never put the beginning of a flip-flop too far (hello eco-responsible spirit !), too removed from the world (magnificent, this range of 12 km without anything or anyone on it but what do I do, after 3 days without a shop and without a smoothie bar?) and so on.

I take full eyes, but in the long run, I realized that a trip is an experience that appeals to all the senses, especially the sense of smell. Beautiful images are not enough. So, I treated myself to some exotic and natural perfumes, of course there was no question of swallowing chemical molecules. And I discovered that, in addition to making us travel, smells have a thousand other virtues.

Take the Rosca Ametlla eau de toilette . This juice, which pays homage to the women of Almodovar, takes us straight to Catalonia, with its scents of orange blossoms. Just close your eyes and you find yourself in the cool of a patio with walls covered in azulejos and lush foliage. In its top notes, citrus: lemon, stimulating and invigorating; orange and petitgrain, soothing and calming. A perfect cocktail for a hot summer day.

The oils signed Leahlani are all designed to accompany me to more distant destinations, where I imagine myself tanning on the white sand facing the turquoise waters of a lagoon where fish of all colors swim. Direction the Pacific with “Mahana“, based on coconut and vanilla, “Pua Lei», with its tropical flowers, or "Kauai Orchid» and its orchid scents. As for "Pikake», it takes me straight to Asia with its scent of jasmine. Smells that awaken the senses while soothing the mind.

And as it would be a pity if our skin did not benefit from all these virtues, Leahlani imagined the Regenerating Mist . Its citrus fruits make it a perfect ally to give yourself a little freshness during the day or before going out at night. This cocktail of aloe water, organic hydrosols, fruit acids and sea silt is also ideal for getting a radiant complexion. The happiest? Each bottle contains a citrine. This semi-precious stone, purified in the sea and in the sun of Hawaii, helps eliminate negative energies. If with this I don't meet anyone ...

Moreover, to put all my chances on my side, I found a miraculous and totally addictive scent: Le Soleil perfumed mist by Kerzon . A veritable olfactory postcard, it alone sums up the most emblematic holiday destinations.: coconut and frangipani evoke tropical islands, sandalwood recalls Australia, while musk and patchouli send me to Indonesia. These last two scents also have aphrodisiac virtues I leave you, I will check if it works with this very cute surfer that I met yesterday at the smoothie bar! (yes, or rather in my dreams, huh ;-) ?)

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